Top 5 Trekking places in Bangalore

Trekking places in Bangalore

Regardless of sore leg issues and lack of hydration, in the event that you are willing to put in any amount of work on your trekking, we have a few incredible new increases to your rundown of slopes and mountains you should look for. This post will bring you the best Trekking places in Bangalore.

Be it the jungles or slopes, late evening trekking to get a delightful sunset or even views on the valley, there are a few trekking trails near Bangalore awaiting the beast in you.

With trails from simple to difficult, you can pick the one that suits your energy level alongside availability from your area. For that sack with liters of water, some solid and energy-giving bites, set on your hiking shoes and hit the road since this time the trip will be your destination.

Trekking Places near Bangalore within 100 km

1. Skandagiri – 61 Km from Bangalore


Situated at a drive of only 2 hours from Bangalore, Savandurga is an peaceful destination for each trekker of the city. Pretty much every link one ticks while searching for ‘trekking near Bangalore‘, has this climb in the main 5 spots.

A quiet and calm destination right on the edges of the IT Capital of India gives the perfect break a city-tenant a long time for sometimes. At 1227 meters, Savandurga holds the title of Asia’s biggest stone monument. From the foundation of the hill however, you might have the option to recognize the highest point of the temple. The temple roosted on the hill is home to the cut sculpture of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s mount, local people have faith in and strictly go to.

For all the experience lovers Skandagiri is the best treks near bangalore, wait just a minute since there are two trekking trails to take you to top of the hill – Karigudda and Billigudda. The first simpler contrasted with the last option. Thus, in light of your wellness levels, pick a trip that you can finish. The perspectives from both the paths are stunning and individuals frequently stop for the nightfall. We propose you do as well.

2. Nandi Hills – 60 Km from Bangalore

Nandi Hills- Trekking places in Bangalore

Nandi Hills isn’t just well known among trekking fans yet it is famed as the best hill station near Bangalore itself. Once upon a time, it used to be Tipu Sultan’s late spring retreat and today it is amassed by sightseers or all the more appropriately experience aficionados who need to challenge themselves.

At a rise of around 1478 meters from the beginning, the top of the hills will undoubtedly offer a few marvellous perspectives. Nandi Hills will be easily one of the best hill stations near Bangalore. There are temples on the top as well as has Tipu’s Point, a 600-meter precipice, famous for rock climbing.

You can either climb the 1200 stages to arrive at the top, or you can utilize the northern side of the hills to go up there with your bicycle or cycle. From the top, you can click photographs or simply absorb the stunning perspective on the whole valley and Amrita Sarovar.

3. Narayangiri – 70 Km from Bangalore

Narayangiri | Best trekking places near Bangalore within 100 km

Not at all like different destinations referenced till now, this one is certifiably not an exceptionally well known trekking point. Narayangiri is one of top trekking places near Bangalore, This is reason the justification for why you should take out time and go for a trip to Narayangiri.

Situated in the Ramanagara region, it offers a breathtaking perspective on the seven hills and the whole town from the top. While the journey in itself is unreasonably easy, you must be incredibly careful near the fissure as they can be dangerous and profound.

4. Channarayana Durga – 100 Km from Bangalore

Channarayana Durga

Rustic settings along with shrubs that have medicinal value pretty much define this popular and extremely beautiful trekking destination near Bangalore. Perched on a hilltop, Channarayana Durga has the Maratha Fort, built to ward off invasions by external forces making it one of the trekking places near Bangalore Today, it makes for an interesting spot to put your photography skills to test.

The initial leg of this trail is pretty easy and there are no daunting turns or shocks. However, the latter part of the trek can get difficult and you are advised to take necessary caution. Once at the top of the hill, you can spend a couple of hours just soaking in the lush greenery all around or exploring the fort that has a deep significance and is rooted in history. 

5. Ramanagara – 55 Km from Bangalore


A piece of the Top Bollywood film, Sholay was shot someplace in these hills. On the off chance that that doesn’t celebrate the distinction of these pinnacles, we have one more snippet of information for you. This weekend escape from Bangalore is prestigious for its silk exchange also, along these lines earning the title of ‘silk town’.

With various short trekking trails scattered around the region, you can settle on the ones that concur with your wellness levels. While Ramanagara itself is encircled by seven humongous hills, the ones that offer picturesque hiking trails for experience aficionados are Revana Siddeshwara Betta and the Ramadevara.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time to benefit as much as possible from your excursion to this trekking place near Bangalore. Additionally, remember to visit the Pattabhi Rama Temple, situated on the Ramanagari Hill